Mantras | Mental Health Awareness | 4 M’s of May

Mantras are powerful words, chants, or sayings that are repeated and are often used in conjunction with meditation or manifestation and help influence actions and thought.

Repeating a mantra to yourself is a great way to get centered and infuse day life with a peace, perspective, and positivity.

They also serve as tools for great grounding moments, especially when things get hectic or overwhelming. When you feel overwhelmed or find your self in a negative state – slow down, breathe, repeat your mantras and re-center.

Let’s start creating your Mantras.

While creating or choosing your mantras – keep in mind that they should have some meaning towards your life. They should be specific and personal to you or the goal you are trying to meet.

They can be a sound or a hum, or a full sentence. Whatever resonates with you.

A few examples of mantras are “I have no enemies; I am a friend to all” or “I am a woman who can accomplish hard tasks” or even just hum when I am feeling full of anxious energy.

The mantra “Ohm Peace” may be one you may have heard. 

Take some time and decide what you want. What intention do you want to set? What habit do you want to break? What emotion do you want to feel?

-Make a list of 3 possible mantras and choose one to start with. Start with the most important one to you. Later down the line you can focus on the other ones.
-Think in the positive – think of what you do want (as opposed to what you do not want.)

Sometimes it’s easier to gain clarity by thinking what you do not want first. If it is, go with that. Take hold of whatever inspires you. But then flip the sentiment to the positive and create your mantra out of what energy you want to come to you.

For example, if you say to yourself – “I do not want to be fearful while in a group of people I do not know” – take that and create the opposite mantra from a stance of confidence or comfort. “I am always where I am supposed to be. People find me interesting and charming. I conquer all fears and grow daily”

Next- Repeat your Mantras

Figure out a routine and repeat them daily, when you are feeling like you need a boost, or when you are presented with a challenging situation. 

Breathe into them. Really sit with the words or feelings you are evoking. Cherish the time you are spending building yourself up and connecting with yourself. 

Find what works for you and stick with it for some time and watch your life change. 

When you first start repeating the mantras, you may feel uncomfortable or disconnected. That is ok. Its like learning a new skill. Remember that these sayings are great tools to help increase positive thoughts and release negativity. It may take some time, and as you continue along and find your path you will flourish and grow.

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