Mindfulness, Manifesting, Mantras, and Meditation | Introduction – Mental Health Awareness Month

The Four M’s of May – Series: Mindfulness, Manifesting, Mantras, and Meditation

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to take some time to honor you right where you are at in your journey. This series is a little reminder to take some time to check in with yourself. We want to encourage you to take pride in taking care of your mental health and to give a few simple tips to help stay in great spirits.

The Four M’s of May will go over a few of the most impactful aides to mental health: Mantras, Mindfulness, Manifesting and Meditation.

Everyone can use some time to check in with oneself, and fully process emotions, outlooks, feelings, thoughts, and possible traumas that may have been sparked – especially with the way the world was and still is. A lot of things have changed for people and it is ok, and important, to give grace for anything that you may need to work through. 

This series will honor that space and walk you through the process of clearing any stuck emotions while also providing an outlet to feel more grounded and supported – especially with all the uncertainty that is everyday life. Let’s jump in!


We dive into my favorite subject – mindfulness and how it plays a pivotal roll in your life. When you become aware and mindful of yourself, your world…


We are all powerful manifestors. When I became more mindful it became clear to me how I was contributing to my own unhappiness… how I was manifesting…


When you first start repeating the mantras, you may feel uncomfortable or disconnected. That is ok. Its like learning a new skill. Remember that these sayings are …


Meditation helps with lowering aggression, anxiety, depression, reducing stress, increasing confidence and self-awareness, connection, and more.