pro-church-media-477814-unsplashQUEENS, MUSES, BAD BITCHES, BOSS CHICKS, GODDESSES…

 How do I define a Bad Bitch?

Being a bad bitch is a lifestyle, and ideology, a state of mind, a perspective. A woman who is adventurous, fearless – therefore limitless, sexy, kind, focused, conscious, sensual, open, giving, knows herself, owns her flaws, and just dope AF…

A bad bitch doesn’t have to be defined as a thot, or a hoe, gold digger, an immoral woman or anything perceived as negative or unpleasant. You are in control of your outlook and mental state. What others think is none of your concern. That is the precise outlook I wish to impart on you all. You are what you believe you are. We are all on a journey to live our best lives and lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

This blog is a collection of pieces, inspirational bodies of work to promote self-love, creativity, consciousness, and sensuality.

The affirmations and good vibes released in this blog may not sit well with some, may shake up some world views, may create a new outlook,  may unleash the inner goddess, may unlock the inner queen, may bring forth the muse in you…


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