Manifesting | Mental Health Awareness | 4 M’s of May

When I first started my mindfulness journey, I soon began to be able to pinpoint my thoughts that led to other thoughts, that led to my actions, that let to me creating my own unhappiness or my own drama. I discovered my power and how my thoughts can turn into real things.  This is manifesting. Oftentimes I had negative thoughts that created (manifested) a negative experience.

Let’s keep in mind that having a negative experience is not always a choice and I want to remain in grace while stating this. There are many factors that go into how our lives turn out and a lot of it is no fault of our own. There are many external factors that come into play. I just want to empower you to look at what you can do to make things better.

When I became more mindful it became clear to me how I was contributing to my own unhappiness. 

I had a habit of jumping to conclusions, assuming I knew all sides of a story and creating a drama in my head that then led me to be unhappy with others (and within myself), and then wonder why I was being treated a certain way. 

Meanwhile most of the thoughts (assumptions) I had were not true. I was projecting. I was assuming. I was taking a lot of things personally. I was a victim of sorts. I was creating my sadness. In addition to all that, I was acting on all these things which created a snowball effect therefore I manifested what I did not want.

I created more of what I did not want.

Manifesting is the art of creating. Manifesting is neutral. Like attracts like, meaning you bring towards you the things that are like you – energetically.

So, if I am giving off negative, angry, chaotic energy, I will attract the same, in some form. 

Become mindful of your energetic state and afterwards become mindful of the things or circumstances that are drawn to you. Start to look around and take note. Could it be time to clear out some things?

So how do you manifest?

To put it plainly: 

  • Start with what you want
  • Ask for it – ask yourself, ask God, ask the Universe, ask your ancestors.
  • Become like what you want (work towards it) 
  • Be grateful for the things you do have

For example:

“I want to have friends.” 


Become friendly or a friend to somebody. 

Be grateful for the friends you have, and more people will be drawn to that energy.

“I want my own space.” 


Become a good steward and responsible.

Work towards it, and opportunities will come to you.

“I want to have a good day” 


Set intentions, give off good energy (be the energy you want to receive), pay attention to good things, and the good day will be revealed.

There are many other ways to manifest and set your intentions. The key is to find what works for you, test it out and remember to become what you want. With patience and gratitude, the things you want will flow to you.

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