Mindfulness | Mental Health Awareness | 4 M’s of May

Jumping in with both feet –Let’s start with Mindfulness. Mindfulness is so delicious. It is the root for the rest of the M ‘s in this series.

Mindfulness is to be aware, attentive, thoughtful, alert, to be in your senses and/or conscious.

Sit with that for a minute…

Mindfulness has intentionality behind it. Mindfulness has a willful determination. Mindfulness is a connection to your innerworkings and thoughts.

How many times have you been driving, getting home and can’t distinctly remember the ride home? Autopilot mode?

Or have reacted negatively to the situation and thought about it later wondering why you were triggered in that way?

Becoming more mindful of your innermost thoughts will help you reconnect when you get into autopilot mode and will clarify why you may get triggered.

When you become aware and mindful of yourself, your world expands. 

This is the starting point for most journeys. Becoming more aware.

When I first started studying and practicing mindfulness techniques, I remember feeling like I grew to understand myself on a deeper level. I started to feel lighter because I had understanding, clarity. I started to feel like… ME. 

My inner environment

…my thoughts and habits, all became clearer, and not the muddled mess they had been. I was aware of my actions, my triggers, my habit, and reactions.

As I studied my habits, reactions, the path of my thoughts, I began to be able to pinpoint the thoughts that led to other thoughts, that led to my actions, that let to me, essentially, creating unhappiness in my life.

I discovered my power.

I discovered that my thoughts could turn into real things (manifesting). I discovered that by becoming more intentional with my thoughts, actions, habits, I can create more joy and more life. 

As I’ve studied, I’ve had a few epiphanies and wished someone had pointed me in this direction sooner.

I’m here to help you develop your mindfulness and awareness. 

Let’s start with this easy tip. 

Make note

• Start paying attention. When a situation happens that you do not like, start to make note of what caused you to be triggered. Start to pay attention to where your thoughts automatically went. Slow down the momentum. It may take a few times, but you can do it. Its like a moving vehicle – you have to slow down before you can stop completely. It’s the same with your thoughts while you re-train your brain.

• Don’t react, slow down and think. Don’t pop off, get curious about the situation and your reaction to it. 

• Ask Why – not why me, but why am I going down this path.

Also Try this:

Connect with yourself and connect with nature 

Nature has a stillness and a power that is unmatched. Take some time to quiet your mind, get into nature and practice being more mindful, aware, of your thoughts and habits. This will definitely help some energy move through you.

• Sit in the sun

• Try some deep breathing techniques

• Drink water

• Ground yourself. Try earthing or sitting barefoot

• Eat bright citrus fruit to stimulate the senses

The concept of being mindful has such a great impact on our mental health. It encompasses so much when it comes to positive inner environments and mental health. When you start to look at your triggers and your thought patterns and really question why things went the way they did, you will discover your superpower of mindfulness and your world will open too.

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