30 Affirmations to help super charge your new year |30 DAYS TO GREATNESS

30 Affirmations to inspire you and super charge your new year!

The power of affirming yourself is unmatched when it comes to changing the way you think about yourself and what you can do! You should be your biggest cheerleader! Try building yourself up consistently with affirmations for 30 days and see the changes in yourself.

But what is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement or phrase that is proclaiming, declaring, and affirming. Always positive, affirmations, when repeated have a way of changing thought processes and changing dispositions.  They can also become part of your identity.

Identity statements are powerful motivators for self-change. Using emotional words with affirmations is important, because of the deep association we have between emotion words and somatic experiences. “

Check out Affirmations: The Why, What, How, and What If? | Psychology Today for more info on affirmations.

I can go on and on about the power of affirming yourself and how you can create the person you want to be by how you speak to yourself. But suffice it to say, your words are powerful and can literally create your reality. Why not choose them to uplift yourself and others.

This is your super power…untapped potential. It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

Claude M. Bristol

A key benefit to practicing affirmations is that some codependent tendencies can begin to change into more healthy ones by simply changing the way you think about yourself and your strength. Affirmations help you to rely on yourself, instead of seeking validation from others.

By speaking kindly to yourself, and stating the type of person you want to be, you pour into yourself and build yourself up. You create a picture of a person and you essentially begin to walk as that person.

Any thought that is passed on to the subconscious often enough

and convincingly enough is finally accepted.

~ Robert Collier

[Read the affirmation quickie guide for a more in-depth view of what affirmations are and how they help.]

How to start!!

Try to repeat at least 1 affirmation to yourself a hundred times throughout the day (break it up into 10x increments). If you say it to yourself in front of a mirror its even better. And writing them out has even greater effects.

Alternative – Every morning, write out what you intent to do, how you intend your day to go, and your intentions with your thoughts. Incorporate an affirmation in that practice.

Choose one from below that speaks to you. Or write your own that pertain to your personal journey and get excited ! You’re on your way!

  1. I am safe and protected divinely
  2.  I am loved and cared for
  3.  I can do hard things going to accomplish my goals
  4.  I am good and kind and have good intentions
  5.  I trust others to have good intentions towards me
  6.  I am growing everyday
  7.  I am in control of how I see the world
  8.  I am strong and confident
  9.  I have no enemies. I am a friend to all
  10.  I am a powerful creative. I create my reality. I create my outlook  
  11.  I ask for what I want effortlessly
  12.  I am becoming someone I am proud of
  13.  I love myself or I’m learning to love myself 
  14.  I am proud of myself
  15. I am gentle with myself
  16.  I give love freely
  17.  I’m worthy and more than  enough
  18.  I’m fearless and limitless
  19.  I’m learning to trust myself or I trust myself
  20.  I am not alone. I am grounded in love
  21.  I may have bad days but I do not give up I am resilient
  22.  Everything I need is within me
  23.  I fill myself up and build myself up daily
  24.  I am vibrant and beautiful
  25.  I am interesting and knowledgeable
  26.  I do not apologize for being me
  27.  I am bold, charming, and magnetic
  28.  I’m special and unique
  29.  I have talents unlike anyone.  I am the only one like me
  30.  I desire to treat myself well


  1.  I am worthy of love and compassion 
  2. I have so much untapped potential
  3. I am filled with greatness.
  4. I am wise.
  5. I am learning, and I am growing.
  6. I love and appreciate myself as I am.
  7. I can do hard things
  8. I choose to be confident today
  9. I choose to see the good in all people and circumstances
  10. I am perfectly human and continually evolving

One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true or false. It comes to be dominating thought in one’s mind.
~ Robert Collier

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