Meditation| Blossom & Bloom [9]: It may not be what you think.

Baddies – let’s talk a little about meditation. As we continue on the journey to blossom and bloom, I would be remiss if I never mentioned this powerful mindfulness tool. I am a firm and adamant believer in meditating. I believe there is at least one aspect of meditating that can help everyone. Whether it is the transcendent aspects, or the slowing down of your thoughts, or deep breathing, or even just relaxing, There is something that can benefit literally everyone physically and or mentally.

When I first heard about meditation, I thought that it sounded good but wasn’t for me and it probably wouldn’t work anyway. Then I  found myself with such deep anxieties and looking  or a way to quiet the constant thoughts running through my mind. So I started practicing breathing exercises and working on quieting my mind. Turns out that ids a form of meditation and it absolutely worked for me. I stated to feel a big difference when I went too long without those still and quiet moments. Those quiet moments became some of my most beautiful moments.

What is Meditation?

Mediation is essentially a practice to train your attention and awareness to reach mental and emotional clarity and/or calmness. I feel like we can all use some peace and calm in our lives.

What kind of meditations are there?

 There are so many different types of meditation practices out there.

Guided meditations, mantra meditations, yoga meditations, chakra mediation, sound-bath meditations, body scans, visualizations, and more. Find one that suits your needs and works for you. The chances of you sticking with something increases if you actually enjoy it.

Why should you try it?

Meditation creates stronger mental faculties, helps with anxiety, promotes emotional health, reduces memory loss, helps with sleep, helps fight depression, reduces stress, opens awareness, can increase happiness and gratitude just to name a few things.  Meditation can increase your quality of life overall.

Give yourself 5 minutes.

I suggest starting with 5 minutes and gradually work your way up. When I first started 5 minutes felt like a lifetime, but I can easily meditate for hours today. Keep in mind – it is not really about the length of time but the quality of the time you spend in your practice.  I first started by breathing and quieting the mind, but I found that my thoughts were too active. Guided meditations helped me focus my thoughts on one thing. I then explored other forms of meditation and truly love them all. I go to whichever one will feed me for that day.

Here are a few tips to get the best of your meditation practice:

  1. Remember it’s called a practice for a reason.
  2. Release your expectations and do not be hard on yourself if it seems difficult at first
  3. Your meditation practice can vary from day to day. One day you may be able to sit in stillness, and the next your thoughts may be running rampant. That is ok. Try again tomorrow.
  4. If you fall asleep. That is ok. You succeeded in quieting your mind.
  5. Do what feels right for you.

Here are a few of my favorite guided meditations to help get you started.

  1. Mary Kate: Gratitude Meditation
  2. Creating an inner environment for success.
  3. Quick Chakra Tune up
  4. I am Affirmations- Power thoughts
  5. The Honest Guys: Ease Anxiety & Worry

We have just dipped a toe into the deep, deep pool of meditation. This is such a vast topic with so many benefits. Finding what works for you is very personal and important to your journey. Get excited and start exploring!

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