Affirmations | Blossom & Bloom [8] Laying the groundwork for success

It starts in the mind. It is our mind frame that determines if we are going to overcome all challenges and succeed or if we are going to doubt ourselves and shrink behind pressure and fear.

Boost yourself daily by affirming yourself.

By repeating affirmations, you get a head start on anything that might bring you down throughout the day. You are essentially and intentionally putting affirming positive thoughts in your mind, giving yourself a boost, and laying the groundwork for a positive and confident mental state overall.

Your brain believes what YOU tell it.

Think about that for a second.

Whether you say nice things or hurtful things, your bran believes you. Whether you allow yourself to spiral or decided to get grounded, your brain believes you. ‘I want my baddies to know, you are in control here.

[Read the affirmation quickie guide for a more in-depth view of what affirmations are and how they help.]

I want to challenge you to create some affirmations for yourself.

If you have been journaling with [TAKING AIMM], then you should be familiar with this practice and how it gets you prepped for the day.

Think about something that you struggle with. If you are passionate to change it, you will have more success. Think of ways you can change any negative thoughts or opinions into positive ones

Repeat them to yourself in positive speech and as an “I AM” phrase. Put stickie notes around your house. Write them out. Any of these is great as long as you repeat them regularly.

Example: If I struggle with jealousy, my affirmation could be : I have no enemies and I am a friend to all.

If I am feeling anxious, my affirmation could be I am safe and I nurture myself.

If I am afraid of failure with a project, my affirmation could be:  I am a woman who consistently does hard things and achieves her goals.

The secret weapon: After repetition, you will start to believe these things (even if you do not at the beginning). The point is to fill your mind with it. When you keep it at the forefront of your mind, your brain will start to seek evidence of these truths. You will start to embody those things with intention. Meaning, if you really do not believe you are a person who can do hard things at the beginning, one day your brain will highlight your accomplishments, and you’ll realize, you either were that type of person, or you chose to change into that type. Get excited!

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