Mindful Intentions | Blossom & Bloom: The Foundation to Flourishing [4]

Baddies! Everything we have done so far was laying the foundation to becoming exceptionally mindful and intentional in your daily lives, which is the groundwork to living your best lives.

The brain has a negativity bias. Meaning it is generally easier for us all to move into negative thoughts or remember negative experiences than it is to highlight positive thoughts or experiences.

This is why mindfulness plays a huge role in having a great life. If we are mindful and intentional with living a life we love, observing good things, and focusing on good things we will flourish in many aspects of our lives.

“Convince yourself everyday that you are worthy of a good life. Let go of stress, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.”

― Germany Kent

This is the key to living your best life. We must strengthen the muscle to observe the positives to create more of it in our lives. The power of the mind.

I learned about the power of the mind when I was younger. Back then I was my toughest critic. Nothing anyone else could say could cut me as deep as what I heard running through my own head. After realizing that I was self-sabotaging and creating self-fulfilling prophesies of negativity, I decided enough was enough.

“The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself”

– Maya Angelou

 (Read more about how I was intentional on working on my own Negativity bias in part 5 of the Blossom & Bloom Series)

So let’s continue. Here are 3 tips to living an intentional life

  1. Gratitude. Expressing gratitude has the capacity to help a whole range of different things. Expressing gratitude keeps the positive and wonderful things in the forefront of your mind. When referring to intentional living, it not only will make you happier, but will create a perspective of abundance and successful life.
  • Build on it daily. It may not be feasible to jump right in to being mindful and intentional if you have little practice with it. Don’t worry – I definitely do not expect you to be a “mindful master” on day one. Instead I want to encourage you to pick one or two things you want to work on. Start with something simple and gradually build intentionally on it. After a while it will become second nature. It takes 21 days to build a habit and 1 day to break one.
  • Make it easier for yourself. If you want to get something done, have the forethought to plan a little and eliminate as many barriers as possible. Example- Let’s say I want to lose weight.  Maybe I need to make it easier for me to follow through by meal prepping or laying out my exercise clothes out at night to get rid of any possible excuses.

When we are intentional with our decisions, our thoughts, and our actions, we become invincible. There is nothing that we can not do. This is because of the power we have developed in the mind. Get excited. We are well on our way. Have you noticed any changes in your life so far? Let me know.

(Learn more about the negative bias here  https://www.verywellmind.com/negative-bias-4589618)

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