A Bad Bitch’s Guide: Create more JOY & HAPPINESS in your life with the POSITIVITY SWITCH! 5 tips to catch your negative thoughts & become a Positive Beacon of Light.

My favorite tips to stopping the negative thoughts and switching instantly to positivity. Make it a habit. Your friends will wonder what’s changed in you.

“If you believe that the world is conspiring against you, it will just do that.”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana

A very powerful quote and so true in so many ways. Thepifesting that negativity into your life. If you dwell in fear and go around looking for the bad things, they will inevitably reveal themselves to you.

This is why a positivity switch is so essential to living your best life and having the most awesome [YEAR OF YOU]!

Switching off the negative thoughts, that do not serve you, and turning on your positive, optimistic thoughts will create a much better existence. Life is short. Why wouldn’t we make our time as enjoyable as possible? Continue below to learn my favorite tips executing the POSITIVITY SWITCH.

Become aware of the habit and force yourself stop.

Practice Mindfulness

Start paying close attention to your triggers and catch yourself when you start thinking negatively. It may be something like your environment that sets you off, or something someone has said. Whatever it is – identify it.

  • Step into a new physical environment, remove yourself to protect yourself.
  • Use a rubber band around your wrist to stop the habit
  • Vocally Speak to yourself – “self…stop”
  • When I realize I am being jealous I need to stop immediately
  • Take some time to think, is what I am feeling really true
  • Turn the negative thought into an affirming one. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like, focus on what you do.

Figure out where the negativity is coming from.

Fear, jealousy, anger, envy, aggression, competition hatred, guilt, anger, hostility

  • Once again – Identify it. When we know what something is, and we can name it, it is so much easier to conquer it.
  • These are low vibration emotions that are sure to create a lot of negativity and suffering. We will discuss more about these emotions to come
  • “A positive Mindset attracts Success like a magnet and a negative one loves to marry failure, procrastination and comfortable environment that sobs in mediocrity and impossibility.”― Oscar Bimpong

Practice intentionality and choose to focus on the positive daily.

Before you get into the negative spaces, or walk into the triggers, start your day with some intentions. Figure out what you want and create an intention daily. Start your day by saying what you want and walk in your power. This will begin to switch your knee jerk reaction from the negative to the positive and create the habit.

  • Intention Example: Today I want to will be more loving and less jealous.
  • Affirmation Example: I am open minded and considerate. I am genuinely happy for others, and know that other peoples success does not negate mine
  • Practice and repeat the intention and affirmations throughout the day.
  • “Your thoughts carry you wherever you want to go. Weak thoughts don’t have the energy to carry you far!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

Remember that you can’t always believe what you think.

“Remember, what you “feel” and what is “real” are often very different.” ― Eddie Capparucci, LPC

Be aware of your inner dialogue. Sometimes you convince yourself of things that are not facts. We can get so wrapped up in one side of a story, or what we made up in our heads, that we fail to paint the full picture, which could save us a lot of pain. Things may not always be how we imagine them in our minds.

  • Remember that you can’t always believe what you think and tell yourself. Your negative voices are not always true
  • Never assume anything. Communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the questions, or clarify.
    • Examples: what I hear you saying is…
    • I feel like you are saying this…is this true?
    • You’re doing this which makes me feel like that. Is this accurate?

Go to Gratitude

Gratitude can calm the greatest trouble minds. Being grateful can put a lot of things into perspective.

  • Be grateful for what you have
  • How far you’ve come
  • Where you’re going
  • Any times that you have been granted grace.
  • Looking at the big picture and become aware of what you want to do want out of can help you overcome the negative thoughts. We don’t have time for this – were on a bigger path.
  • We suffer when we want life other than what it is. If we put things into perspective with gratefulness, we can eliminate so much suffering.

“Your mind can destroy your life! Mind your mind; think well! Detoxify your thought and be free!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah



When the time comes when you feel yourself slipping, use some of the one of the above methods to stop and switch to a positive mind frame. Remember that your worth and the path that you are on. These negative thoughts do not serve you. As we continue in the Year of Y.O.U (Your truth, optimism, and understanding) becoming more positive will start to lay the very important groundwork to living your best life.

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2 thoughts on “A Bad Bitch’s Guide: Create more JOY & HAPPINESS in your life with the POSITIVITY SWITCH! 5 tips to catch your negative thoughts & become a Positive Beacon of Light.”

    1. That’s an awesome point and very important to point out. Using the logical side of your brain as opposed to the emotional side can help in so many situations. Thanks 💛


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